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Havn't done an actual 'update' in a while.
Like people read this shit. Lol.
But on the status quo... There's Mikey.
The all around nice guy, doesn't wanna seem jealous, hates people being upset, dislikes negativity, sarcastic, funny, quiet, lazy, non-ambitious...
Great. -coughshrug-
My scale lies.
It told me I was 139.
And hour later it said 150. I could've cried. I'll get a new one.

Mr. Charlie told me I needed to get my foot in the door.
Of the music buisness.
Gah. Pressure, much.
He told me to poorman's copyright a few songs and send them to this one company.
I dunno. I just wanna play.
Music is my life, but I don't wanna sell out my songs for cash just to get a shot at stardom. That's fucking bullshit.
I dunno.
He also said my rythem is really well on guitar, and he said he's really happy with how I've been progressing over the last two and a half years.

Ocean City by myself.
Greatness. Not.
I dunno.
I'm only going cause it's mom's birthday on Sunday.
She wants me to be with her.
Now I have to tolerate Michelle.

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